People take 38 seconds to judge state of your home - and notice the smell first

Mirror Online 3 weeks ago

The average person takes just 38 seconds to judge someone's home - and they will notice if you have vacuumed, if your windows are dirty and if there is a 'funny' smell.

A study found first impressions count, with three quarters of adults admitting they always form an opinion on the dwellings of others.

They'll make a mental note if the washing-up hasn't been done, what books are on the shelf and if the ornaments are dusty.

But the research of 2,000 adults commissioned by the Independent Network powered by VEKA, found three in 10 wouldn't tell their host what they really think of their homes.

A spokesman for the Independent Network said: "Our homes are of course very personal to us and in many ways are a representation of our style.

"So there is a sense when we have visitors over that we are leaving ourselves open to criticism and judgement.

"But people shouldn't be apprehensive about what others may or may not think - ultimately it's the opinion of the homeowners themselves which is most important."

When you open the door to visitors - you open the door to criticism and judgement

The study also found six in 10 consider themselves to be house proud, with half worrying what others think of their dwellings.

But this hasn't stopped a fifth from checking for dust upon visiting the home of a friend, family member or colleague.

While a fifth have also 'helped out' by adjusting any wonky pictures or reorganising ornaments.

As a result, those polled feel the pressure when having guests over with 86 per cent giving the house a 'major' clean before anyone arrives.

Dirty windows are sixth on the list of first impressions

And if the visit is arranged at short notice, 50 per cent will give their home a quick vacuum, while 48 per cent will quickly hide any clutter in cupboards.

Six in 10 also revealed they are likely to make an extra special effort if their guest is a first-time visitor.

A quarter will buy new candles or air fresheners especially for their guest, 23 per cent will purchase flowers and three in 10 will splash out on fancy food and drink.

More than one in 10 will even keep areas of the home completely off limits until their guests have arrived.

Some people will spray air freshener to cover up any smells

And a fifth will clean the windows, with seven in 10 believing good quality, clean windows are important to the overall aesthetic of a home.

It also emerged six in 10 adults consider themselves to be a good judge when it comes to other's homes.

The interior of a home is likely to be judged the most (42 per cent), however 36 per cent will form an opinion of a home inside AND out.

And of all the areas in a house, it's the living room (33 per cent) which most judgement is reserved for.

The books you own say something about you

Reassuringly, the Independent Network powered by VEKA study carried out through OnePoll, also found three quarters have later changed their opinion of someone's home.

A spokesman for the Independent Network added: "Inevitably we do form opinions when we are welcomed into other people's homes - people are naturally inquisitive.

"But as the research shows, our opinions of a home change freely, so it's never too late to impress visitors with our dwellings.

"However our priority should be what we think of our own homes rather than what others think - although getting inspiration from any homes you visit is no bad thing."

Hover over the circular buttons below to discover how homes are judged when guests visit -


1. The smell

2. The temperature

3. Whether or not the house have been vacuumed

4. How comfortable the furniture is

5. If the washing up is done or not

6. Dirty windows

7. The books they own

8. How well kept the furniture is

9. Colour of the walls

10. If the ornaments are dusty

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