10 things that make a city child-friendly

Business Insider 3 weeks ago

While cities usually make for great group day trips, not every metropolis is equipped for families to raise children.

Young parents often prefer cities for all the reasons people move there in the first place — job opportunities, independence, and cultural attractions. Some families may even argue that raising kids in the city is better than raising kids in the suburbs.

However, families can feel forced to leave cities not because they want to, but because they have to — because the city is not family-friendly. Key features needed to keep parents and their offspring in place range from affordable housing and childcare to accessible parks.

Keep reading for a look at the features that make a city child-friendly.

Kid-friendly cities have plenty of parks and playgrounds to make up for the lack of open spaces.

For rainy days, museums that offer kid-friendly discounts or are free to the public are a huge plus.

Additionally, ample summer camps and programs are an added bonus.

Affordable and spacious housing is a major benefit for families living in cities.

Additionally, these housing areas' proximity to family needs is important.

On the streets, a child-friendly city needs sufficient pedestrian crosswalks, crossing guards, and more.

Accessible elevators in subway stations are also a key factor.

Furthermore, an overall functioning transportation system is necessary to transport city families where they need to go.

Decent — and affordable — schooling options are also a crucial factor.

Affordable childcare options is another key feature to make a city kid-friendly.

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