At least five House Democrats used the term ‘lynching’ to describe Clinton impeachment

Washington Examiner 0 month ago

Several House Democrats have been outed for using the term “lynching” to describe former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment after President Trump was blasted for doing the same.

On Tuesday, members of both political parties condemned Trump for calling the impeachment proceedings against him “a lynching.”

Among those criticizing Trump were Illinois Rep. Danny K. Davis and New York Rep. Gregory Meeks. Both took to Twitter to question the president’s use of the term.

“The highest officeholder should think about these words. The rural south where I was born has a tarnished and painful history,” Davis said in a tweet that now appears to have been deleted.

Meeks also took to Twitter to criticize Trump’s “insulting” remarks.

Both men, however, used lynchings to describe Clinton’s impeachment in the 1990s. Davis called the impeachment process a “lynching in the people’s House,” while Meeks described it as a “political lynching.”

New York Rep. Jerry Nadler also compared Clinton’s impeachment to a lynching, saying on three occasions that Republicans were acting like a “lynch mob.” His fellow New York Rep. Charles B. Rangel also accused Republicans of having a “lynch mob mentality.” Retired Washington Rep. Jim McDermott compared Clinton’s treatment to a “political lynch mob,” adding, “Find the rope, find the tree, and ask a bunch of questions later.”

Meeks addressed the apparent hypocrisy in an interview with the Washington Post, saying, “Yes, I said those words, but context matters. There is a difference when that word is used by someone of my experience and perspective, whose relatives were the targets of lynch mobs, compared to a president who has dog-whistled to white nationalists and peddled racism.”

He claimed he was more “at liberty to invoke” such an image than Trump.

In addition to these House Democrats, 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden, 76, also used the phrase “lynching” to describe Clinton’s impeachment.

“History is going to question whether or not this was just a partisan lynching,” said then-Senator Biden.

Biden has since apologized for using the phrase. He noted that it “wasn’t the right word to use” but claimed his use was different than Trump's because the president used the word “deliberately.”

Several Republicans criticized Trump’s language, but South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham defended the president, saying, “This is a lynching in every sense.”

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