These hilarious English language signs have definitely been lost in translation

The Sun 3 weeks ago

A ROADSIDE sign displaying “accident porn” features in this hilarious smorgasbord of lost meaning.

This gallery of quirky pictures show how English language can be distorted entirely with just a tiny spelling or grammar mistake – to hilarious effect.

Potatoes feature heavily in this unusual collection of signs built to woo – as well as repel[/caption]

Brits abroad may well find themselves in a curious world of curious spelling and unique grammar, creating a whole new layer of adventure.

These symbols and signs will do a brilliant job of sending you mixed messages, and probably barking up the wrong tree.

Leading us astray

Not clear whether we should be taking pity on animals, not bringing them, or not stealing them[/caption]

Penalty porn

Accidental porn can happen anywhere, even on this dusty roadside[/caption]

Bending the truth

Luckily the packaging at least is transparent

‘I’m a t-shirt, get me outta here’

Mixed messages are the name of the game on this t-shirt, a sum of many parts

Keeping it clean

This sign is certainly scratching the surfact

Reception issues

The Sony is the real-stand out product on this big names billboard

Constructing words, not walls

Who needs good grammar when you can have wisdom?

Spelling disaster

Hopefully the dictionary makers at least spelt the word ‘ironic’ correctly

Cooking times vary

A veritable feast awaits

At your rock bottom

Let’s hope the book cover at least brightens your mood

Soft drink/soft porn?

This poor man’s Facebook friends didn’t know what they were getting

Revenge is best served cold

Nothing gentle about this reminder from this gleaming, steel kitchen

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