Incredible moment police officer saves life of baby who choked on cracker

Metro 0 month ago
Grabs of police performing CPR on Michael 'MJ' Zimmerman while his distraught mother Amanda looks on
Officers from Kissimmee Police Department successfully saved 18 month-old Michael ‘MJ’ Zimmerman from choking while his distraught mother Amanda looked on (Pictures: WESH)

Dramatic bodycam footage shows the moment a dedicated police officer saved a baby’s life after the infant choked on a goldfish cracker.

Distraught mother Amanda Zimmerman was filmed handing her 18 month-old son ‘Michael’ MJ over to the cop in Kissimmee, Florida, earlier this month.

She flagged down a passing patrol car after noticing MJ struggling to breathe.

Amanda could be heard screaming: ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ as MJ struggled to breathe.

One of the cops can be heard to say ‘He’s not responding,’ while frantically patting MJ’s back in a bid to dislodge the snack.

Amanda can be seen getting so distressed that another cop takes her a few feet away to let the officer doing CPR concentrate on MJ.

Moments later, the officer and a third cop carefully flip MJ over onto his back, and switch to patting him on the chest while the little boy’s limbs hang limp.

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And their efforts are finally met with success, as MJ gives a gasp and begins to breathe again.

Afterwards, MJ was taken to hospital, where doctors told his relieved mother that he would make a full recovery.

Amanda told WESH: ‘I was just beside myself.

Photo of Amanda and MJ
Amanda with MJ, who survived his ordeal unscathed. His mother hailed the quick-thinking officers who saved her son’s life – and now says she plans to learn CPR (Picture: WESH)

‘Being without oxygen for that long and then just coming out? Ya know, he didn’t miss a beat.’

Amanda says she never imagined MJ would choke on a cracker, and now plans to learn CPR.

She has nicknamed the youngster ‘Miracle Michael,’ and hailed the cops who saved her son’s life, saying: ‘God put’em where they needed to be.’

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