Scouted: The Best Clear Glass Mugs to Get You Out of Your Boring Mug Habit

The Daily Beast 3 weeks ago

I don’t want to be dramatic but I’m addicted to clear mugs. I live alone and own 12 of them in various sizes. Why does one person need a family’s worth of mugs? That’s for me and my therapist to figure out! 

Open up your cabinet and you may find a hodgepodge of faded and chipped mugs you’ve acquired over the years from airport souvenir stands and well-meaning friends who needed a last-minute gift. Imagine opening up that same cabinet and seeing the beautiful twinkle of clear, crisp glass! This could be your life! Skeptical? Don’t worry, there are sizes, styles and shapes for everyone. 

Cantina Glass Mug, $5 at CB2: I love these mugs so much. They look delicate but are very sturdy. These are not double insulated though, so if you need your coffee or tea to stay extremely hot for a long time, this is not the mug for you. You can buy these individually or as a set of 8 for $35.

Cantina Espresso Cup, $4 at CB2: A couple of years ago, my mom gave me a mini Nespresso machine for my birthday. It’s the best gift anyone has ever given me. I use it every single day! You know what made it even better? These clear espresso cups!

ParkBrew Double Walled Glass Mugs, $24 on Amazon: These double-walled mugs have the clean shape of the CB2 ones above, but with the added insulation. They have excellent reviews and would make a great gift.

Olsen Double Wall Glass Mug, $7 at CB2: If you want to get fancy, this handle-free mug (does it count as a mug if it doesn’t have a handle?) is double-walled so that your drinks stay the right temperature and you won’t burn (or freeze) your hand. Imagine sitting by the fire, or a Netflix yule log, with one of these babies in your hand. Luxurious!!

BTäT Coffee Mug, $34 on Amazon: If you want to be EXTRA fancy, this one’s on a pedestal. These scream “hot cider” to me. Best part: the base is flat so it won’t collect little pools of water in the dishwasher.

Sun's Tea Crystal Clear Glass Coffee, $13 on Amazon: Look at this little round guy! I love him! Borosilicate glass means he’s dishwasher and microwave-safe so he can be your companion no matter what.

KeepCup Cork Edition 12 Oz Reusable Cup, $26 at Anthropologie: You don’t have to limit the clear mug life to your home, there are great travel options too! These Keepcups are great gifts (for others, and yourself!) and are great for taking your coffee or tea on the go. They are sadly not dishwasher safe, but will handwashing one thing kill you? I think not!

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