Trump is ‘running out of game plan’ as damning facts pile up: Former GOP House Intel chair

Raw Story 3 weeks ago

Former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), who previously served as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said that the Trump White House’s angry attacks on ambassador Bill Taylor reek of desperation.

After CNN’s Jim Sciutto read the White House’s statement accusing Taylor of being a “radical unelected bureaucrat,” Rogers dismissed the statement as an act of desperation.

“Bill Taylor is a well respected diplomat over his decades of service to the United States,” he said. “When you go on this kind of extreme shouting, hair-on-fire criticism, you are running out of game plan. That’s exactly what that tells me.”

Rogers then acknowledged it was possible that Taylor merely had a different perspective of events than Trump officials, but he said the pattern of diplomatic malfeasance that’s already been established is incredibly damning.

“Think about what just happened: We picked up and ran from Syria at the drop of a hat against all the advice from both military and diplomatic advisers,” he said. “We got into this kerfuffle here where we’ve just told the world, ‘Don’t worry about the State Department, we’ve got this other channel… headed by my personal lawyer. None of this looks good for the United States.”

Watch the video below.

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