Woman with breast tumour so big she had to hold it up finally goes to hospital after 2 years of herbal ‘treatments’

The Sun 3 weeks ago

A WOMAN left doctors horrified after she let a breast tumour grow to the size of a basketball.

The 47-year-old patient, identified only as Ms Jiang, refused to get the growth checked for two years – instead opting to treat it with ointments and herbal medicines.

A scan showing the patient’s “basketball-sized” breast tumour

However, the Chinese woman eventually sought treatment – and walked into the doctors’ surgery holding up the tumour because it was so heavy.

Dr. Wu Jian, who treated the woman at the Third People’s Hospital of Chengdu, in Sichuan Province, told AsiaWire: “You could tell something was odd from the start, because she walked in holding a large object by her chest.

“It was a tumour growth on her left breast which was larger than a basketball.”

Dr Jian said his patient had tried to treat the growth with herbal remedies.

The woman has refused to have treatment on the growth for two years

He said the last doctor who saw Ms Jiang warned that her only option was to go for surgery, but it’s not clear how long she waited between her doctor visits.

Dr Jian and his team eventually removed the huge tumour in a five-hour surgery on September 25.

Fortunately, tests showed that the tumour was now malignant.

Despite this, Dr Jian claims the tumour could have burst had the patient left it for much longer.

He said: “Had she not had surgery, the tumour would have burst through her skin.

The moment surgeons finally removed the gigantic tumour on the woman’s breast
Doctors say the tumour could have exploded if the patient had left it much longer

“Because of the amount of nutrition it was absorbing, it would’ve caused problems such as anaemia and malnutrition.

“It’s very seldom you see someone willing to let their tumour grow to such a size, to the point where she has to lift it with her hand in order to leave the house.”

Dr Jian and his team are now urging people not to delay their medical treatment.

He added: “Don’t let this happen. It only leads to increased physical trauma during surgery, and further complicates the operation.”

A man was left fighting for life after ignoring the signs of a cancerous tumour

It comes after cancer doctors in Siberia in Russia treated a man who let a tumour grow “into the bones of his skull”.

The male patient, who has not been named, assumed the tumour would “dissolve itself” when he first spotted it and went to “pray” instead.

The medics, from an oncological service in Kuzbass, urged people to realise “the terrible consequences of negligence towards your own health”

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