Manatee boy, 7, dies after being crushed by pallets near storage facility, cops say

Miami Herald 11 days ago

A 7-year-old boy was killed Thursday in Palmetto after a stack of pallets fell onto him from a truck.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, a call came in from Manatee Memorial Hospital stating that the boy, Leonardo Chavez-Renteria, was brought to the hospital with trauma to his body. He was later pronounced dead.

“We are looking into everything but this appears to be a tragic accident,” sheriff’s office spokesman Dave Bristow said. “It’s really sad because in a few days he would have been going back to school.”

Deputies learned where the incident occurred — a storage area in Palmetto at 1805 20th St. E. — and responded to the scene.

It was later determined that the child was playing in the area where a forklift was moving empty wooden pallets from a truck.

Then, approximately 15-20 pallets fell from the truck and landed on top of the boy.

Stay with for updates.

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