Cheeky England fans turn Westbury White Horse into giant St George’s Cross flag in World Cup celebrations

The Sun 2 months ago

CHEEKY England fans tried to make an ancient monument landmark look like the St George’s Cross flag.

Two large red ribbons appeared to have been pinned across the Westbury White Horse, which is carved in a hill.

 England fans created a giant St George's flag out of the Westbury White Horse

Hellen Evans

England fans created a giant St George's flag out of the Westbury White Horse

They were removed from the Wiltshire site yesterday after complaints were received by English Heritage.

On Facebook, Westbury town council posted: "The red cross that was added to the White Horse has been removed this morning and this was at the request of English Heritage, who own the site."

Many residents also took to social media to have their say.

Paul Palmer commented: "No harm caused yet they fail to maintain the horse for years. Put it back up and show support for our country. Or are you worried it will offend someone?"

 The red ribbons were promptly removed from the ancient monument after complaints

Hellen Evans

The red ribbons were promptly removed from the ancient monument after complaints

Dan Barber said: "I agree if it's not paint then no harm done but if people put up resistance and ruin other people's fun it will invite rebelish (sic) behaviour and next time it will be permanent."

Westbury mayor Ian Cunningham explained the reasoning for taking the cross down. He said: "From English Heritage's point of view it's a slippery slope, pun intended!

"Once they allow one thing as a special occasion, or turn a blind eye to it after they received a complaint, what happens when a sign saying vote for or eat at Joes appears? How do they defend allowing one and not the other?"

Footage show​s football fans ​trashing a taxi in Old Market Square, in Nottingham,​ after England's World Cup quarter final victory​

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