Dems see a midterm advantage in pre-existing conditions battle

Axios 28 days ago

Democrats clearly see a winning 2018 issue in the Trump administration’s approach to pre-existing conditions. They — and vulnerable incumbents in particular — have been hammering away at the Justice Department’s attempts to strike down the Affordable Care Act protections for sick people.

The big picture: Sen. Joe Manchin wrote an op-ed about it. Florida is part of the lawsuit that got all this started, as Sen. Bill Nelson — who’s being challenged by Gov. Rick Scott in November — will remind you.

Moderate GOP governors joined in yesterday. Ohio’s John Kasich, Maryland’s Larry Hogan and Nevada’s Brian Sandoval signed a statement calling on the Justice Department to reverse its position.

What’s next: Conservatives are expected to release some details of their new ACA repeal plan today, ahead of a formal rollout Wednesday.

It has little chance of passing, but more potential to rile up both parties’ bases — conservatives who are still upset over last year’s repeal failure, and liberals who are on the hunt for health care attacks ahead of the midterms.

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