They knew she was a suicide risk. Girl, 15, was still able to hang herself in the lockup.

Miami Herald 3 months ago

Florida juvenile justice administrators knew that Alleny Carbone was at risk of taking her own life: During at least a dozen stays in state custody, she had been placed on suicide alert.

Yet when Alleny was booked into the Bradenton lockup on May 24, officers apparently took no precautions to protect the 15-year-old from her own demons.

Alleny’s dad, Victor Carbone, said he was told his daughter was under suicide watch at the state’s juvenile lockup. Department of Juvenile Justice administrators say their records indicate “the youth was not under suicide precautions.”

Either way, it appears Alleny fashioned her state-issued blanket into a makeshift noose Sunday night and hanged herself. By the time authorities discovered her body, in a sitting position, she was unresponsive.

The state Department of Juvenile Justice has confirmed only that a 15-year-old detainee at the Manatee Regional Juvenile Detention Center was “found unresponsive” during a 10-minute room check at 9:22 p.m. Twenty-eight minutes later, a report said, the girl was sent by ambulance to Manatee Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 10:03.

In a two-minute phone call between the lockup and Bradenton’s 911 center, a detention officer said the girl had tied what appeared to be a blanket around her neck, and was not conscious by the time officers came to revive her.

The Bradenton Police Department identified the girl and said her death is under investigation. Detectives are awaiting the results of an autopsy that was performed Monday. Alleny is from Bartow, in Polk County.

Alleny becomes the 13th youth to die in DJJ custody under questionable circumstances since 2000. Among two deaths that year was 15-year-old Anthony Dumas of Broward County, who hanged himself at a DJJ-licensed youth shelter. A youth worker shot Polaroid pictures of Anthony rather than cut him down from his black leather belt, and he died on Oct. 14, 2000, after lingering in a coma. The deaths were documented in Fight Club, a Miami Herald series on violence, abuse and poor medical care in the Florida juvenile justice system


The Manatee Regional Juvenile Detention Center
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