Retired Army Officer, Family Members Thrashed In Delhi's Dwarka

NDTV News 6 months ago
Retired Army Officer, Family Members Thrashed In Delhi's Dwarka

The retired army officer alleged that some men started passing lewd comments (Representational)

New Delhi:  In an alleged case of road rage, a retired Army Captain and his family members were allegedly thrashed by five men in Dwarka, the police said today.

The army officer had gone to Dwarka City Centre mall to have dinner with his wife, sister, brother-in-law and their children.

"We came out of the mall after dinner around midnight on May 13. As our vehicle was parked some distance away from the gate of the mall, I asked my wife, sister and the children to stay while my brother-in-law and I went to get the car," he said in a complaint.

He alleged that some men sitting in a car parked nearby started passing lewd comments at the women and when he reached there with his car, the men attacked them.

One of the accused was held at the spot by the retired army officer, while the rest were arrested on May 15, the police said.

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