Cele's police engagement continues at Ngcobo

News24 6 months ago

Police minister Bheki Cele embarked on a ministerial engagement at Ngcobo on Saturday, as part of a follow up with the community who were affected by the massacre at the police station in the town.

This follows after five police officers and a soldier were gunned down at the local police station in February.

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Seven suspects believed to have been involved in the Ngcobo police massacre were later killed in a shootout with police, after being cornered inside the Mancoba Seven Angel's Ministries church in Nyanga village, which they used as a hideout.

Cele visited the home of the Mancoba family, at the premises previously known as Seven Angels Ministry Church.

He met with Nombongo Mancoba the mother of the seven angels and also took some time to look inside the rooms where the crossfire between the police and church members happened.

Cele first visited the police station before the engagement meeting to give the community feedback about what has been done ever since the local police station was attacked.

Cele was accompanied by Deputy National Commissioner-Policing: Lt Gen Masemola, MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison , Weziwe Tikana and Provincial Commissioner Lt Gen Ntshinga.

Tikana facilitated the community engagement allowing as many people to speak.

One common concern was when the church buildings would be demolished.  Tikana said the department was waiting for the court order to effect the demolition.

Community members asked about additional human resources, new fences and sensors to be fitted at the station.

"Twelve police will be sent to your station as you lost five police, a mobile station and two vehicles will be coming to Engcobo SAPS," said Lt Gen Ntshinga.

Cele said plans to improve security and access control at the police station were on the cards.

"We must have intercom and CCTV to control access. In four weeks your station will have a CCTV," he promised.

The municipality was tasked to respond to the suggestion of reserving space exclusively for police vehicles outside the police station and removing street vendors.

Minister Cele said a unit for the Tactical Response Team will be opened at Ngcobo.

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