Laura Ingraham compares Dems to Wile E. Coyote cartoon character

Fox News 2 months ago
Left resorts to same failed tactics against Trump.

Laura Ingraham mocked Democrats Thursday, comparing them to Warner Brothers' cartoon character Wile E. Coyote and President Trump to the famed Roadrunner, saying they have failed in their "hunt" to take down the president.

"Democrats continue to resort to the same failed tactics against this president. They spent 32 million dollars chasing the fantasy of Russian collusion and along the way they celebrated a string of buffoons," Ingraham said on "The Ingraham Angle" before naming Robert Mueller, Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti as examples.

Trump's communications with foreign leader part of report; former acting attorney general Matt Whitaker reacts.

Ingraham said the Thursday's Washington Post report of whistleblower alleging Trump made a "promise" to a foreign leader was just the latest example.

"This week the Democrats are back to square one, banking on another disgruntled insider to take down Trump," Ingraham said.

The host accused the media and Democrats of using the story to avoid discussing Trump's record on the economy.

"They need something anything to avoid talking about Trump's actual record," Ingraham said.

Ingraham welcomed the Democrats strategy believing that Trump will continue t beat them.

"The Democrats believe that they can win the White House through a combination of demonization and investigation," Ingraham said.  "I say let them have at it. If Trump keeps racking up results for the American people the Democrats will come up empty handed."

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