PewDiePie Says His Channel Is Being Targeted by 'Cancer YouTubers'

Sputnik International 1 month ago

In his October 15 video titled “this needs to stop,” PewDieDie had a message for some of the more adamant YouTubers and their fans who seem to always spam variations of the meme on his comment section, calling this meme “annoying,” adding that it is being done by “all those other cancer YouTubers that come out of nowhere. Because their annoying, dumb**s fan audience spams their f***ing s**t everywhere.”

“If you’re going to spam something annoying on other channels can you at least do it where people come back and watch my channel,” PewDiePie asked his viewers after noticing that the meme wasn’t stopping anytime soon.

Kjellberg, who has more than 101 million subscribers, stated that even though these comments started on his videos, they “have to stop,”  but in the meantime he also might be looking to get the most use out of the meme while it lasts.

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