Katie Holmes giggles as she gets her toes sucked in saucy scene from new comedy Dear Dictator

The Sun 7 months ago

KATIE Holmes managed a giggle for the cameras while shooting this scene for her new movie - despite her on-screen boss sucking her toes.

Katie, 39, can be seen apparently 'enjoying' the saucy moment in her upcoming comedy Dear Dicator, which sees her play a dental nurse called Darlene.

Katie Holmes has her toes sucked in her new movie Dear Dictator

The actress was all giggles as she shot the scene for the comedy flick

In new pictures taken from the movie, Katie's on-screen dentist boss Dr Charles Seaver - played by comedian Seth Green - can be seen licking and sucking her toes as she reclines in his patients' chair.

Dressed in light yellow scrubs, Katie is smiling and giggling as the bizarre scene unfolds.

At one point, her character Darlene grabs her phone and takes a picture of her boss in action.

Dear Dictator focuses on Darlene's rebellious daughter Tatiana, who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a British-Caribbean dictator called General Anton Vincent.

Katie's on-screen boss, played by Seth Green, is the man sucking her toes

At one point, Katie's character Darlene grabs her phone to capture the moment

Tatiana, played by Odeya Rush, writes to the General - played by Michael Caine - for a homework assignment and he receives it while being overthrown by his country.

General Vincent then turns up on Tatiana's doorstep in the US before taking refuge in her basement.

While in hiding, the dictator teaches Tatiana how to start a revolution and overthrow the 'mean girls' in her high school.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Katie spoke about how much she "loved" working with British actor Michael.

Katie recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to chat about Dear Dictator

Michael Cain plays the dictator who ends up taking refuge in Darlene's basement

Katie's on-screen daughter helps her new friend disguise himself

Katie said: "I love Michael Cain and working with him in a comedy was so much fun.

"He plays a dictator who moves into our house, unbeknown to me, and ends up living in the basement.

"I play a woman who has a teenage daughter who is rebelling to the point of having a dictator from another country come and live in our house."

She added: "[Michael] is a great guy."

Dear Dictator opens in US cinemas today, but a release date for the UK is yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Katie is preparing to take on the role of an ex-Marine for her next movie The Doorman, which is currently in pre-production.

This summer, the former Dawson's Creek star will again be in cinemas, having filmed a cameo for the hotly-anticipated film Ocean's 8.

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