How to help: Anti-trafficking organizations around the world

CNN 6 months ago

If you are looking for a way to help fight against human trafficking, here's a list of global anti-trafficking organizations, as well as organizations active in specific countries.

Many accept financial donations, but also recommend other ways you can help them by donating time or spreading the word.

Global Organizations

3Strands Global

3Strands Global works to combat human trafficking through prevention education, various engagement initiatives, and creating job opportunities for survivors and those at risk. You can donate, get involved in an event or volunteer.

Anti-Slavery International

Through Anti-Slavery International you can donate financially, become a campaign member, start up a student or local anti-slavery group, run for freedom, organize your own events, or become a volunteer or intern.

Catholic Relief Services

CRS works on issues including the refugee crisis, human trafficking and modern slavery.

ECPAT International

ECPAT International accepts financial donations, but also urges you to join the campaign by spreading the word or by applying for an internship position.

Free The Girls

Free The Girls helps reintegrate victims of trafficking and provide them with economic opportunities through selling new or gently used bras. You can donate bras or money to help survivors start their own businesses selling bras in their local second-hand clothing markets.

Free the Slaves

With Free the Slaves, you can donate, host and event, become a member, or volunteer your time.

Global Modern Slavery Directory

An interactive, publicly searchable map and database of organizations and agencies across the globe that address the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking.

International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission accepts financial donations and provides great ideas as to how you can get involved.

Maiti Nepal

Maiti Nepal, run by Anuradha Koirala, 2010 CNN Hero, works on the border between Nepal and India to prevent the trafficking of young Nepalese girls. In addition, the group works to provide justice as well as a safe haven for these girls. You can help by donating or sponsoring a child.

Not For Sale

Not For Sale, based in California, accepts donations and has many suggestions as to how you can help, including ideas for students, artists, etc.

Orphaned Starfish Foundation

Orphaned Starfish programs address the challenges facing orphans, victims of abuse and at-risk youth by providing them with technology training.

Plan International

A children's development organization working in 50 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas to promote child rights and lift millions of children out of poverty.

Polaris Project

You can donate to the Polaris project, organize fundraisers, attend their events, volunteer your time, or sign one of their petitions against human trafficking.

Ricky Martin Foundation

The Ricky Martin Foundation is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and accepts financial donations as well as hosts events.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army works to prevent human trafficking and support its victims. You can donate to their cause or become an intern. They also provide manuals for teachers who want to include the subject of human trafficking in their classrooms and ideas for faith-based help.

Save the Children

With Save the Children, you can join the fight against human trafficking by donating financially or by sponsoring a child.


UNICEF accepts donations and provides training manuals on the subject of human trafficking.

World Hope International

World Hope International accepts donations and provides many ideas as to how you can get involved.

World Vision

You can donate financially to World Vision, as well as help keep a child safe and their family self sufficient in many other ways.

Organizations in specific countries




María de los Ángeles Foundation

ECPAT International


Global Hope Network International


Anti-Slavery Project

Stop the Traffik


World Hope International


Save the Children Bangladesh


Happy Child


Agape International Missions

Chab Dai

Child Rights Foundation

ECPAT Cambodia

World Hope International


Center Mod Menneskehandel (Center Against Human Trafficking)

DR Congo

Free the Slaves


ECPAT International


Not For Sale

Free The Slaves

Challenging Heights


Restavek Freedom Foundation


Plan India

Free the Slaves


Global Hope Network International

World Hope International


World Hope International


Lighthouse: Center for Human Trafficking Victims


Global Hope Network International


Global Hope Network International


World Hope International


World Hope International


Maiti Nepal

Free The Slaves

Shakti Samuha

Saathi Nepal

Global Hope Network International

World Hope International


World Hope International


World Hope International


Not For Sale

ECPAT International/Save the Children Romania

Sierra Leone

World Hope International

Sri Lanka

World Hope International

Global Hope Network International


Not For Sale

ECPAT International




Safe Horizon

Polaris Project

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Not For Sale

Free the Slaves

Frederick Douglass Family Foundation


Global Hope Network International


ECPAT International


World Hope Internatbional

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