Scared charity shop bosses call in ghostbuster after ‘frustrated’ spirit throws glass jar at staff

The Sun 1 month ago

CHARITY bosses had to call in a ghostbuster to rid a store of a mischievous spirit who threw stock and scared off customers.

Terrified staff members had to close the Age UK shop and reported the incident to head office, which paid £80 for a psychic to clear the ghoul from the premises.

Staff had to shut the AgeUK shop and even filed an incident report to head office, before paying £80 to get a medium in clear away the ghoul

They reported seeing a man in a tweed cap with matching jacket and trousers who threw items at worker Kathy Pitts, 61.

She told The Sun: “One day when I was working a candle in a glass jar flew past my head, brushed my hair, and smashed on the wall behind me.

“It was the most petrifying experience of my life. I have never been so scared.

“I did not believe in this kind of thing at all until it started happening to us.”

It forced staff to close the store for a few days in May in Swindon, Wilts.


Bosses hired self-styled astrologist and psychic Carol Hewitt — who calls herself GypsyCaz.

She claims the spirit was that of an old railway worker called Jacob.

Carol said Jacob was “very protective” and told staff at Age UK: “He believes the black bags of clothes in the store room to be his.

He felt some people coming into the shop were being disrespectful of his belongings and this would add to his frustration.”

Carol carried out a spiritual removal ceremony to get rid of Jacob.

She added: “The shop was fully cleansed and smudged with sacred symbols for protection and crystals to absorb any residual energies.”

Kathy added: “Since she’s been in, it’s all stopped.”

Age UK said it took the “highly unusual action” to reassure staff and shoppers.

Assistant Manager, Kathy Pitts, 61, claims the spirit, called Jacob, threw a candle in a glass jar at her

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