Chloe Kim’s Father Proves That Dads and Their Signs Deserve Their Own Olympic Event

TIME 6 months ago

As phenom Chloe Kim’s father Jong Jin Kim watched her shred the Women’s Half Pipe on Monday, his homemade sign caught the Internet’s eye.

His seventeen-year-old daughter nailed back-to-back 1080s, taking the gold home, but her father’s laminated sign proved that he was excelling at a different sport: dad coaching. As an adult man with a purple marker, he really struck a chord with folks at home.

He’s just one of many Olympic parents bursting with pride in PyeongChang, where emotional stakes are high. But there were a lot of people who found this particular dad move heartwarming.

We now have the obscure but time-honored sport of competitive parental Winter Olympics 2018 signs. Please be advised that all one needs to qualify is maternal or paternal pride and access to basic arts and crafts.

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