Inside Iran’s underground ‘missile cities’ bristling with rockets and buried under layers of concrete

The Sun 5 days ago

TAKE a look inside Iran’s underground ‘missile cities’ which are bristling with rockets and buried under layers of concrete.

Stockpiles of weapons lie in every city of the Middle Eastern state, ready to be used if “enemies make a mistake”.

A tunnel in this underground missile city jammed packed with the weapons
Iranian TV broadcast footage of this underground missile base

Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guards’ aerospace division, previously broadcast footage of the largest underground base on Iranian TV.]

The entrance to Code 7500, which lies in Khojir, Tehran, is hidden under a number of narrow winding roads, which run across mountainside in the province.

Hajizadeh previously said: “If enemies make a mistake, missile bases will erupt like a volcano from the depth of earth.”

Eerie pictures of cave-styled military base constructed with reinforced concrete, filled with  large white rockets said to be 1,000m long, surrounded by different types of missiles.

CODE 7500

It’s located deep below the crust of the Earth — presumably designed to evade bunker-busting bombs.

Footage previously broadcast on Iranian TV captured the base shows a number of missile components appearing to belong to the Qiam-1 ballistic missile system, which has a range of about 400 miles.

The regime’s henchmen are then seen assembling them in one of the underground base’s launch room.

Once fitted together, the missile is launched and is seen soaring skywards.

Code 7500 is said to be the site for the construction of Iran’s renowned Shahab 3 medium-range missiles.

Missile bases will erupt like a volcano from the depth of earth

Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh

The Shahab, known as the ‘Shooting Star’ can launch explosive chemical warheads of up to 186 miles, according to reports.

It has been claimed Iranian officials purchased the missiles from North Korea, who constructed the weapon solely to blast the United States from the Korean Peninsula.

The Lar garrison base lies in Western Iran, which also has an entrance which disappears into mountainside, the Star on Sunday reported.

NCRI sources told the newspaper it is a “sprawling tunnel complex” that is “highly protected and secure”.

In a bid to maintain the tightest security, mobile phone signals are reportedly blocked off for miles surrounding it.

The Queshm Missile Centre lies on the Iranian coast, understood to be hidden under around five layers of concrete.

Tensions have flared between Iran and Saudi Arabia, following reports of a mystery attack on Friday.

Iran said two missiles struck one of its oil tankers travelling through the Red Sea off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

But Saudi officials have not acknowledged the incident.

Iran successfully test-fires its Tondar short-range missiles
The missile can be seen rising out of the launch room
The warheads are then brought in ready to fix on to the missiles

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