Moth larvae found in cookies from beloved brand Leckerlee: suit

New York Post 1 day ago

There’s chocolate chip cookies, raisin oatmeal cookies and now … moth larvae cookies!

The company that makes the wildly popular Leckerlee German gingerbread cookies is suing a Bronx plant that allegedly let moths invade their product, causing a recall from retailers.

Leckerlee founder Sandy Lee spent more than a year in Germany learning how to make Lebkuchen, the century-old holiday treats, according to court papers.

After scoring national distribution with Williams-Sonoma in 2013, Lee contracted the baking to Waldorf Bakers Inc., and soon retailers from Whole Foods to Saks Fifth Avenue were serving up the gingerbread treats.

The fly in the ointment came in January 2018, when a customer griped that he found two moths inside a tin of the cookies, Lee said in her legal filing.

When Leckerlee bugged Waldorf about the moth-stake, the facility suggested larvae-gate “might be a hoax,” the Manhattan Supreme Court filing says.

“Given the shocking nature of finding live insects in a food product, Leckerlee suffered significant reputational damage,” the suit says.

Leckerlee charges Waldorf was “routinely leaving baked cookies uncovered.”

Leckerlee “terminated” its relationship with Waldorf Bakers, Lee told The Post in an email. Waldorf Bakery did not return messages.

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