Video Shows Kurdish Mother Cradling Body Of Young Daughter Amid Turkish Bombing: ‘Where Is The Free World?’

The Inquisitr 1 week ago

A viral video from Syria shows a grief-stricken mother cradling the limp body of her daughter — who reportedly died amid the Turkish bombing campaign — pleading for the international community to come to the aid of the bombarded Kurdish people.

Though the details of the video have not been verified, the footage shows a woman cradling what appeared to be the dead body of a young girl, saying that she died as they were fleeing Turkish bombing in northern Syria. The video was first shared by K24 journalist Akram Salih and was picked up by Kurdish affairs analyst Mutlu Civiroglu, who posted it on Twitter.

“I left my husband behind us in Kobani. I thought I could save our daughter away from bombing, but unfortunately she died on the road,” the woman said. “Where is the free world.? Where are those who talk about humanity, who talk about values? What does [Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan] want from us?”

It was not clear if the young girl had been killed in the bombing or died of other causes. The original tweet seemed to imply that she or family members may have been sick, leading open the possibility that her family may have needed to forsake medical treatment as they were fleeing the bombing. Thousands of Kurdish civilians have fled the region ahead of the Turkish attack.

The Turkish military has been leading an offensive against Kurdish forces in northern Syria, starting the attack just days after American President Donald Trump announced that he was moving a small contingent of American special forces out of the area to allow Turkey to commence its long-awaited offensive. As France 24 reported, the Turkish attacks have led to worldwide protests and calls for intervention. In Paris, a protest reportedly drew more than 20,000 people who took to the streets holding Kurdish flags, holding signs that read “Trump = Serial Killer” and calling President Erdogan a terrorist. Other protests were held in the United States and Canada.

Donald Trump has come under particular scrutiny for his actions in allowing Turkey’s army to launch the attack, especially as the Kurds had been a key ally to the United States in the fight against ISIS in Syria.

Reports said that the Turkish assault has already left civilians dead, and the Turkish military has been accused of atrocities against Kurdish forces. Another video shared on Twitter by Cirivoglu appeared to show Turkish soldiers executing captured Kurdish fighters on a roadside, firing shots into a man whose hands were tied together with rope.

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