New Orleans’ Hard Rock Hotel collapses during construction leaving ‘one dead, 20 injured and two others missing’

The Sun 2 months ago

A HARD Rock hotel in New Orleans collapsed today leaving at least one dead, two missing and around 20 others injured.

Horrifying footage showed the moment the 18-storey hotel came crashing down onto the street below while still under construction.

A Hard Rock hotel in New Orleans collapsed today during construction[/caption]

Pedestrians can be seen scrambling for cover as the top floors of the building fell to the ground in a giant cloud of dust.

The large hotel came crumbling down onto Basin Street in the city’s busy French Quarter at around 9am.

At least one person has been reported dead from the accident, a fire chief at the scene told BNO News.

Around 20 others were injured in the collapse and they have been rushed to nearby hospitals.

Emergency workers are preparing to enter the partially collapsed building in the hopes of finding two people who are still unaccounted for.

One man who was previously feared to be missing has been found at a local hospital.

Fire Chief Tim McConnell said only part of the building is considered stable.

A 270ft-tall tall crane looming over the wreckage also is unstable and in danger of collapse further complicating rescue efforts.

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