Are The Fires To Blame — Motorists Are Spending 6 Hours On The 15 And Moving 3 MPH

CBS Local 1 month ago

SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA)  — When pedestrians are walking past your car faster than you’re driving it — do you call that slow going? Or not going at all.

CBS2/KCAL9’s Stacey Butler was in San Bernardino — specifically Glen Helen — Friday evening talking to motorists who were finding it very slow-going on the 15.

While many had dreams of gambling in Las Vegas, she found people who were literally taking naps traffic was so slow.

Several motorists told her about being on the 15 for six hours — some who said they could usually make their destination in more than half that time.

Butler, herself, coming from Orange County said she was on the road for  three hours and went only a few miles.

The traffic nightmare, of course, begs the question — is the backup to Vegas being caused by those massive fires all over the Southland?

“It’s hard to say,” Butler reported. But everyone was agreeing that it was maddening.

Butler said she was on the 15 for three hours coming from Orange County.and doing about 2 mph herself.

She and her photographer stopped and got off at Glen Helen where she reported there were lines to use the restrooms and lines to get gas. Everywhere she turned — frustrated drivers.

“I’ve been stuck on the freeway for six hours and 30 minutes,” said one man, “as of right now. And we’ve got two more hours until we get to Victorville.  I don’t want to be in that traffic. I’m super tired and I don’t know what to do.”

Another motorist told her he was going from Ontario to Victorville — a ride that normally isn’t an ordeal.

“Typically, like on the daily, it takes me an hour maybe,” said another driver. “an hour-ten. But nothing like this. I’ve never experienced anything like this.”

From where Butler was located, she said it was about 10 miles to the 138 in Victorville. According to Caltrans maps, it appeared that is where traffic again started to move. Getting there, of course, going only about 3 mph is the problem.

The slow traffic Butler reported had some drivers pulling off the road and deciding to nap.

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