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Millions of iPhone owners are using the Home Screen wrong – don’t get caught making three big mistakes

YOU probably stare at your iPhone Home Screen dozens of times a day – so make sure you’re using it correctly.

There are a few handy iPhone hacks that are so useful.


Get to grips with the secrets of your iPhone Home Screen today[/caption]

We’ve picked three of the best to help you handle your Home Screen better…

iPhone trick #1 – Hide Home Screens

Want to tidy up your Home Screen? As well as removing apps, you can now hide pages that are littered with stuff you rarely use.

The iPhone has been out since 2007, and over that time the number of apps we’ve downloaded has ballooned.

Even if you keep them organised in folders, it’s likely you still have several Home Screens filled with games, social media apps and more.

Hiding a Home Screen page is simple.

First, hold your finger down on the Home Screen until your app icons start wiggling.

Next, tap on the pill-shaped bubble at the bottom of your screen – the one that usually shows which Home Screen you’re on.

This will bring you to a page that lets you hide individual Home Screens by “unticking” the checkboxes beneath them.

Once you’re finished, just click Done in the top right-hand corner.

These pages aren’t gone forever and are perfectly preserved should you wish to unhide them.

Of course, you can also leave them hidden, if you wish.

The apps on your hidden page are not deleted from your device. They can still be found in your iPhone’s App Library, which you can access by swiping left to the very last page.

iPhone trick #2 – hidden buttons

Your iPhone Home Screen is littered with hidden buttons – and you might never have seen them.

Apple calls the feature Quick Actions, and you may have accidentally found it.

It works by long-pressing on an app icon on the iPhone Home Screen to uncover a secret menu.

There are loads of apps that have a “hidden” button inside the logo.

For instance, do a long press on the Apple Messages app to quickly text your favourite contacts.

Try it on the Settings app and you’ll get a secret menu with shortcuts to Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile Data and Battery.

Holding down on Photos reveals a Search function used to find images quickly.

You can also instantly navigate to photos from “One Year Ago” using this menu.

And you can quickly jump to your Favourites and Most Recent too.

Long-pressing on Apple Maps lets you quickly search nearby locations.

You can also use this menu to instantly mark or share your location.

Holding down on the Apple camera app will give you quick access to different shooting modes.

This includes Selfie, Portrait, Portrait Selfie, and Record Video.

But it’s not just Apple apps that have Quick Actions – it’s available to other apps too.

We recently revealed how WhatsApp has a hidden menu using this trick.

You can use it to quickly share your WhatsApp QR code, launch the in-app camera, start a new chat, or search your conversations.

And the Instagram menu will let you immediately start a Direct Message, view your activity, create a new post, or launch the app’s camera.

iPhone trick #3 – move fast!

It’s possible to move multiple apps at once – and even quickly flit through Home Screen pages.

If you’ve ever moved an iPhone app around, you’ll know that it can be a pain.

You have to long-press to make the app icon wiggle, then drag them from page to page, one at a time.

But that’s not the only way to do it: there’s a clever hack that makes it much faster.

First, hold an app down until it wiggles.

That’s the signal from Apple that an app is ready to move.

Then with one finger, slip the app out of its slot so that it hovers between rows.

While still holding the first app, use a second finger to tap on another app.

This will add the second app to the stack so you can move them together.

You can keep adding apps to the stack as long as you keep your original finger press down on the screen.

Then you can simply drop all of the apps in the position (or folder) where you want them to be.

Moving apps can also be a pain: usually you have to drag them to the edge and wait for the panel to shuffle over.

But there’s an easier way.

But there’s a much easier way to do it.

Hold an app so it starts wiggling, then slip it out of place.

While holding this app, use your other hand to swipe between the screens (just like you normally would).

This will also pull the app that you’re “holding” through to the other screen too.

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