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Millions can access three free iPhone upgrades – they’re too good to ignore

APPLE has packed the iPhone with more secret tricks than you could count.

Many of these are tucked away and are easy to miss – but if you know where to look, you can instantly upgrade your device.


Your Apple iPhone is brimming with hidden upgrades[/caption]

The Sun has picked out three of the very best iPhone hacks available to try right now.

Better yet, they don’t cost a penny to enjoy.

iPhone trick #1 – the triple click

If you’ve got an iPhone with Face ID, you can turn certain features on using by triple-clicking the side button.

It’s an Apple shortcut in the Accessibility settings.

It’s also possible to do this with the Home button if your iPhone has one.

You can set lots of different features to the “triple click” depending on you needs.

To find this clever iPhone hack, go into Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut.

Then choose the feature you want the most.

You can also change the activation speed of the clicks so that you don’t accidentally engage it.

The trick can be used to activate a Zoom function, or launch the iPhone’s built-in Magnifier camera.

And you can also use it to kick-start the Voice Control feature that lets you use the iPhone hands-free.

It’s also a great way to access Background Sounds.

This is a clever trick that plays white noise, rain or ocean sounds to help you get to sleep.

iPhone trick #2 – copy that!

The “three-finger method” – as the iPhone hack may now be known – lets you copy and paste content extremely quickly.

It’s much faster than the usual method.

Take text, for instance.

Normally you’d double-tap to highlight and single word, with the option to extend the dragger.

But if you triple-tap, you’ll find that the whole paragraph is highlighted.

You can then copy, cut, search, translate or share the text on your iPhone.

It gets even better: you can use an enhanced finger gesture that makes this feature even more powerful.

First, highlight some text that you’d like to copy.

Then pinch three fingers together on the display.

This will copy the text.

You can also add an additional pinch, and it’ll transform your Copy into a Cut.

Then do the opposite gesture (by spreading thread fingers outwards) to paste what you’ve copied.

The Apple trick works on anything you’d like to copy.

In fact, it even works on photos.

If you go into your Photos app and do the three-finger pinch, you can quickly paste that image into another app.

iPhone trick #3 – cursor-y!

If you’ve ever used an iPhone to type, you’ll know that going back to correct or add parts can sometimes be difficult.

That’s especially true if you’re trying to edit mid-way through a word, due to the difficulty of placing the cursor.

Well there’s a precision cursor trick hidden in the Apple keyboard, if you know where to look.

It effectively turns your keyboard into a laptop-style trackpad.

This brings up a cursor on the screen that you can drag around the screen.

And it allows you to precisely move between characters in text without furiously tapping the display.

Simply hold down the space bar when you’ve typed some text.

The keyboard will suddenly transform into a trackpad that you can drag your finger across to move the cursor.

It’s a seriously handy trick that will totally change the way you text.

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