Milk Tea Hair Trend: The Asian-Inspired Color That’s Taking Over In 2023

Milk Tea Hair Trend: The Asian-Inspired Color That's Taking Over In 2023

This unique and stunning hair color is poised to take the beauty world by storm in 2023.

The “Milk Tea Hair” trend is inspired by rich and warm colors found in a cup of milk tea which popular in Asia.  With its soft, natural-looking blend of warm browns and honey tones, milk tea hair color offers a subtle and sophisticated alternative to more dramatic hues. It’s perfect for anyone looking to add depth and dimension to their locks without going over the top.

What sets milk tea hair color apart is its ability to work with a variety of skin tones. Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, this shade can be customized to suit your unique needs. And because it’s such a natural-looking color, it’s great for people who want to experiment with a new look without completely overhauling their style.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve when it comes to hair color trends, milk tea is the shade for you. With its subtle and sophisticated look, it’s sure to be a hit in 2023 and beyond! It typically involves incorporating shades of brown, caramel, and creamy highlights into the hair.

Here are some ideas to achieve the Milk Tea Hair trend:

Warm Balayage

Ask your hairstylist for a balayage technique using warm tones like caramel, honey, and chestnut. The colors should be seamlessly blended to create a natural and sun-kissed effect.

Creamy Caramel

Opt for a base color of medium purple and add soft highlights throughout the hair. This creates a warm and luscious look reminiscent of creamy milk tea.

Medium Brown

Keep the overall color of your hair brown and add subtle highlights in shades of golden brown or amber. These highlights should be placed strategically to mimic the swirls and variations found in milk tea.

Honeyed Ombre

Choose a dark brown or black base and gradually transition to a warm honey or light brown color towards the ends. This ombre effect adds depth and dimension to the hair, resembling the layers of milk and tea in a cup.

Toffee Tones

Incorporate different shades of toffee, ranging from light to dark, into your hair. These warm, caramel-like hues create a multidimensional look that resembles the rich tones found in milk tea.

Creamy Blonde

For those with lighter hair, consider adding creamy blonde highlights throughout. This creates a light and airy effect, similar to the milk foam in a cup of tea.

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