MBTA Green Line Continues to Be Under Speed Restrictions

MBTA Green Line Continues to Be Under Speed Restrictions

The MBTA Green Line and the Mattapan trolley are still under speed restrictions, after restrictions on the Red, Orange and Blue Lines were lifted.

The MBTA capped speeds from 10 to 25 miles per hour across the entire system on Thursday Night. While the restrictions were lifted for the entirety of the other lines, places on them that haven’t been inspected or where conditions require slower trains will still have restrictions.

 It’s not clear at this point when those will be lifted.

This all comes after the Department of Public Utilities found several issues on the Red Line that needed immediate attention earlier this month, including track defects.

Inspectors found missing or inconsistent documentation around which repairs were made.

Riders say they’re tired of the all the problems on the T.

“It was slow. It doesn’t even matter. Every single day, they say it’s something new.”, said Richard White.

While the MBTA says it’s working to address these issues, the key position of general manager still needs to be filled. The interim general manager cited safety concerns when he made the call to slow things down.

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