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‘Mammothon’ week at Bellevue Woman’s Center

'Mammothon' week at Bellevue Woman's Center

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Ellis Medicine and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center are launching their first ever “Mammothon” week from October 17 – 21. The initiative promotes proactive health care and gets as many women to schedule a mammogram as soon as possible.

Ellis Medicine is an affiliate member of the Roswell Park Care Network. Roswell Park follows the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines that recommend annual screenings for women starting at age 40.

NEWS10 ABC will be live at the Bellevue Woman’s Center on Wednesday, October 19 to share the stories of doctors, patients, and survivors on the importance of early detection and how it can save lives. The goal for this effort is to get at least 200 women signed up for mammogram appointments by the end of the day Friday. To schedule an appointment at Bellevue Woman’s Center, you can go to roswellatellis.com/mammothon or call (518) 243-3333.

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