LSU students against sexual assault host educational event

LSU students against sexual assault host educational event

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – “People like me who’ve had experiences like me need voices,” said Myrissa Eisworth, sexual violence victim and president of LSU Feminists.

Eisworth along with other students saw comfort in “Take Back the Night.” This event took place during Sexual Violence Awareness Month and catered to LSU as well as the local community with resources, music, and a safe space for survivors to speak.

“We have to get together as a community and actively say that we’re not okay with it. And so it feels really impactful to have lots of people want to come out to events like this and say that this is not something that they’re okay with or learn about how we prevent these things,” she said.

Eisworth said the topic is very important when it comes to college students.

“It is during this time when women are some of the most vulnerable that they’ll be during their life. And so I think that this is really the perfect place to do it, especially in the state of Louisiana,” she said.

Layla Harmon with Feminists in Action said she hopes attendees take away that there is a support system.

“I hope attendees take away that there are supportive spaces that are here for them, no matter who they are, where they come from, who they identify as and what they’ve been through,” Harmon said.

Harmon also said the mission of the event was to not only provide a supportive space for survivors but highlight the issue of sexual violence that happens in the community and on student campuses.

“We just really wanted to come together at LSU because LSU is no exception. There is an issue of sexual violence at LSU campus and we want to highlight it and urge our university to be more proactive rather than reactive,” she said.

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