Lounge Check: The Lounge – SkyTeam Lounge Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport Terminal 2

Lounge Check: The Lounge – SkyTeam Lounge Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport Terminal 2

Last week, I was flying out from Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport Terminal 2 on an international GOL flight. I decided to check another lounge in the same terminal as the GOL one I have experienced numerous times.

The international sides of terminals 2 and 3 are connected, and you can also visit lounges in terminal 3 when departing from 2 but note that it is quite a hike.

The Lounge – SkyTeam Lounge is part of the Priority Pass network. I believe that only two SkyTeam airlines, AeroMexico, and Air Europa, fly from Terminal 2, which is subpar, to Terminal 3 in terms of comfort and facilities.

The Lounge – SkyTeam Lounge Sao Paulo Guarulhos Termina 2

You need to take the escalators immediately after passing the exit immigration and before having to walk through the Duty-Free Shop.

There is a note that it is a SkyTeam Lounge and part of “Global Lounge Network,” whatever that means.

General View

I liked the decor and light colors of the lounge.

Food & Beverages

The bar area looked nice.

Food options are somewhat limited.

Special Areas

There is a children’s playroom.

There is a shower, but I didn’t use it.

There is also a TV room with a few chairs.

Room with computer stations and enclosed small cubicles for making phone calls.

Relaxation room with loungers.


The lounge was first very quiet when I entered around 8 AM or so but got much busier from 9 AM onwards.

If you have plenty of time and can access any of the lounges in Terminal 3, such as the Amex Centurion one, I would probably do the 10-minute walk each way, as the options in Terminal 2 are not great.

The Lounge – SkyTeam Lounge was fine for sitting down and getting some work done, but the food options were not good beyond some sandwiches and fried pastries.

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