Lounge Check In Hong Kong: Plaza Premium Vs The Centurion Vs Chase Sapphire Lounges

Lounge Check In Hong Kong: Plaza Premium Vs The Centurion Vs Chase Sapphire Lounges

It has been a while since I have checked out 3rd party lounges at the Hong Kong Airport, as I tend to fly out on Cathay Pacific and usually spend a brief time in the Wing or Pier First Class lounges.

Virgin Atlantic Club House and Thai Airways lounges are long gone, and the United one is still closed. Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Qantas lounges are also open.

You can access Hong Kong Airport here.

I decided to have a look at these three lounges of Chase Sapphire by The Club, The Centurion Lounge (Amex), and the Plaza Premium because they were all within a short distance of each other, and I had never visited any of them previously.

Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club

I handed them my Chase Sapphire card to enter, but a Priority Pass worked better. I had to make sure to use a Priority Pass issued by Chase.

They had a table ordering system for some food items that they hopefully expand.

The bard was well-designed.

Plenty of free seating space.

And excellent areas to type away with your laptop.

This space was right behind the bar.

Some cold items.

The lounge was busiest by the hot food stations.

Some hod food items.

The Centurion Lounge (American Express)

I just handed my Amex Platinum to enter the lounge.

The bar was well stocked.

But the bar area was relatively small.

There were few tables by the food.

Some hot and cold food options.

There was also a high table area that is probably a good place to get some work done.

There were also a few small rooms that are probably good for meetings.

Plaza Premium

This was by far the busiest of the three lounges that I visited.

There were uncollected trays, plates, and cups everywhere.

The bar looks rather simple with minimal selection.

Hot food items.

There is a small section for first class passengers.

There were some tables without a view.


The weakest of these three lounges was the Plaza Premium, with dirty dishes everywhere and a workplace cafeteria feeling.

I would give a slight edge to Chase Sapphire Lounge due to the refreshing décor, plenty of space, and food and beverage options available.

The Centurion Lounge was a bit busier, but there is the “special” seating area reserved for Centurion cardholders, and I am not sure what is served there.

I also wanted to look at the recently reopened Qantas lounge, but its opening hours didn’t work for my Cathay flight to Bangkok.

After visiting these three lounges, I walked to the Cathay Pacific Wing First Class lounge. I prefer the Pier First lounge, but it has not yet been reopened.

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