London Set To Be Hotter Than Barcelona Next Week With Temperatures Hitting 20ºC

In the early months of the year, it’s easy to focus on things to look forward to as opposed to living in the moment. While we are technically sticking on that motif here, it seems that one such ‘moment’ is arriving imminently.

London is set to be hotter than Barcelona next week with temperatures due to climb up to a toasty 20ºC. Should this transpire, we can chuckle away in our moment of glory, reaching full ecstasy as the burgers on the barbecue receive their final flip.

The sun shining over Brockwell Park and the London skyline
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It’s safe to say that spring in London has been a little stop-start this year—freezing for ages followed by mass hysteria at a few days of 14ºC and sunshine… you know, the usual! But, if this particular start is the first 20ºC day of the year, then we’ll be snatching that aperol spritz-shaped proposition out of your hands all day long.

Alongside this long overdue piece of good weather news also comes bragging rights: London will (fleetingly) be hotter than Barcelona, should current reports come to fruition.

When will London be hotter than Barcelona?

According to BBC Weather, between April 17-20, London will enjoy a toasty four-day streak with highs of 20ºC, with some not too shabby bookend days of 19ºC. Is it extreme to call this the first heatwave of the year? I’m not sure, but it’s hotter than the chilly-in-comparison 18ºC that Barcelona will be ranking on the thermometers those days.

You can guarantee that the shorts will be rocked, lidos will be full, and cans will be sunk in parks next week if the skies treat us as kindly as is being predicted. So perhaps, for London anyway, this is a heatwave of sorts. Just be sure to make the most of it:  the rain and the chills will be cursing us again before you can say ‘beach?’

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