Liverpool will be braced for ‘major change’ that could rock European football in December

Liverpool will be braced for ‘major change’ that could rock European football in December

Football fans across the Premier League celebrated the death of the European Super League back in 2021, however, it now appears set to make a potential comeback two years down the line.

Ben Jacobs tweeted on X this morning ahead of a key ruling from the European Court of Justice on the ESL in December.

Whilst we appreciate the sentiment on offer from A22 in terms of putting the game back in the hands of its rightful owners – the fans – we do have a number of concerns over the potential creation of a brand new league of football.

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An alternative to UEFA may not be the right one

There’s no question that supporters’ and players’ concerns are increasingly being ignored in favour of the monetary gain left to exploit in the market.

Virgil van Dijk called on his fellow professionals to stand their ground on this matter (via the Mirror): “In England we believe the schedules are too busy. The players are getting paid well but it should never come at the cost of our health. We keep having to play more and more games.

“We as players should start saying something about it, contribute to a solution. No, I am not prepared to give up 10 percent [of his salary]. I don’t think that should depend on my salary.

“You are now trying to get me to say something nice. The Nations League that comes with it, for example, does not go to my salary. We get bonuses, but that is not a guarantee.”

We’d welcome some radical reforms that would just see footballers granted greater time to recover and, thus, offer their best football when on the pitch – be it at the domestic or international level.

If the ESL could offer a separate but similar format to the Champions League that doesn’t aim to expand the number of games played every season, whilst also working in conjunction with UEFA and FIFA to lobby for a reduction in pointless fixtures on the international scene, we’d be open to a conversation.

Having already tainted perspectives, however, with the suggestion of a breakaway league that would fundamentally oppose the logic of putting the game back in fan hands, A22 have some serious ground to cover if they’re genuinely intent on changing hearts and minds in their favour.

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