Limited Time Left to See Chicago’s Immersive Van Gogh Experience Alongside Mozart Immersive

Limited Time Left to See Chicago's Immersive Van Gogh Experience Alongside Mozart Immersive
Limited Time Left to See Chicago's Immersive Van Gogh Experience Alongside Mozart Immersive

If you missed Chicago’s Immersive Vincent Van Gogh experience while it was in the city, you’ll have one last chance to check it out — for a limited time.

The Lighthouse ArtSpace Chicago says that the popular exhibit is back for a matter of weeks in conjunction with the a new Mozart Immersive.

The “2-in-1” experience will only be available during the month of May, according to organizers, and all for the same price as the two shows run in rotation through month’s end.

“A month after Mozart Immersive’s world premiere, we are overjoyed with how the show is being received in Chicago,” Maria Shclover, the producer of Mozart Immersive and Immersive Van Gogh, said in a statement. “When people give us a positive review, within the same breath, they tell us how much they loved Immersive Van Gogh, or how they wanted to see Immersive Van Gogh but it closed before they had the chance. So we wanted to give Chicago audiences the opportunity to experience Van Gogh one more time.”

The Van Gogh exhibit was slated to close for good at the end of February earlier this year following a two-year run in the city.

According to organizers, Chicago in Feb. 2021 was the first city to debut the exhibit. Since then, “Immersive Van Gogh has launched an immersive art craze,” a press release says, “traveling to over 20 different U.S. cities and selling over 6 million tickets, making it one of the most popular entertainment attractions in the country.”

“We are endlessly thankful and appreciative to Chicago audiences for telling everyone they know about Immersive Van Gogh,” said Corey Ross, producer of Immersive Van Gogh and co-founder of Lighthouse Immersive, in the release. “We initially planned a somewhat modest three-month run, but Chicago just could not get enough Van Gogh.”

The sensory art exhibition at Lighthouse ArtSpace, located at located at 108 W. Germania Pl. in the city’s Old Town neighborhood, takes a look into the works of post-Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh.

“Both connoisseurs and new admirers of Van Gogh’s work are guaranteed a breathtaking perspective on the influential artist’s oeuvre,” Ross told NBC 5 last year. “Merging state-of-the-art technology, theatrical storytelling, animation and some of the finest works of art ever created, ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ is a uniquely mesmerizing experience that seemingly transports the viewer into the artist’s mind to see these timeless works as never before.”

The exhibit includes illuminating projectors and Van Gogh’s “head-to-toe brushstrokes” with animated details from his renowned works of art including “Self Portrait with Felt Hat” and “Starry Night.”

Meanwhile, the Mozart Immersive features “captivating visuals built around the auditory experience.”

AI image generation was used to design “dream-like visuals inspired by 18th century destinations that Mozart experienced.”

“Audiences will be surrounded by bustling city streets, ornate royal auditoriums and lavish paintings, in addition to otherworldly dreamscapes featuring fantastical lucid imagery, all accompanied by some of Mozart’s most beloved melodies performed by the acclaimed, Grammy-nominated Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra under the baton of world-renowned Maestro Constantine Orbelian: a four-time Grammy Award nominee in his own right who is also the music director and principal conductor for the New York City Opera,” a release on the exhibit states.

The two-for-one tickets start at $27 and are on sale now at Limited tickets for weekend dates remain available, with several weekdays still showing good availability on the website.

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