10 of the best breakfast foods to get at Trader Joe's, according to chefs

Business Insider Lifestyle 2 months ago

The popular grocery chain Trader Joe's has shelves stocked with all sorts of breakfast staples — and even the culinary pros have a few favorites. 

Here are some of the best breakfast items to get at Trader Joe's, according to chefs. 

This chef pairs TJ's breakfast burritos with the brand's Green Dragon hot sauce.

Quiche Lorraine was another chef's pick.

The chef told Insider he also likes Trader Joe's frozen frittatas.

TJ's cult-favorite everything-bagel seasoning is a breakfast staple for this chef.

This chef combines two Trader Joe's products for an indulgent breakfast.

This chef combines several ingredients to make a cold-brew breakfast smoothie.

Breakfast smoothies are also a popular choice for this chef.

A sweet and savory breakfast can be made from some of Trader Joe's staples, according to this chef.

This chef uses a sweet Trader Joe's bread to make a buttery French toast.

One chef uses a few simple ingredients to whip up a sweet breakfast.

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