Latest CBO health care analysis to come next week

ABC News Lifestyle 5 months ago

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office will release its analysis of the House-passed GOP health care bill next Wednesday afternoon, the agency announced on Twitter Friday.

The CBO's estimate will analyze the proposed impact of the legislation on the federal deficit and the number of people with health insurance.

Previous CBO reports on earlier versions of the bill projected that 24 million fewer people would have insurance over 10 years with the GOP bill compared to Obamacare.

The estimate also projected the legislation would lower the deficit by nearly $340 billion over 10 years through limiting federal subsidies and Medicaid spending.

The House passed the bill with one vote to spare earlier this month, but has yet to send the bill to the Senate.

"We just want to, out of an abundance of caution, wait to send the bill over to the Senate when we get the final score," House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, said Friday in an interview with Hugh Hewitt.

If the CBO finds that the bill doesn't save at least $2 billion over 10 years, the Senate would need 60 votes to pass the bill, not the 51 GOP leaders and the White House are banking on through the reconciliation process.

If Republicans need to make any changes -- which GOP leadership aides say is unlikely -- it's easier to do that when the bill is still on the House side.

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