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OCRegister Lifestyle 11 months ago

Re: “What are you giving thanks for this year?” [Opinion, Nov. 21]: These are my thoughts during this season of thankfulness. This year is especially significant for my husband Philip and me.

One year ago in November 2016, Phil passed out during physical therapy. In an instant our active life was transformed. We discovered he had experienced a transient ischemic attack, his second in 11 months.

Combined with his nine-year journey as a Parkinson’s patient, he went on to require 100 days of hospitalization and intense physical therapy, and is now celebrating his ninth month at home, over 270 days, in his own comfy bed.

We are grateful he is alive. We are grateful he is home. We are grateful he is enjoying each day, yelling at the news, shaking his head over the political chaos, requesting just one apple turnover, celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary, marking his 84th birthday surrounded by hula dancers and beaming faces of loved ones, chatting with his team of caregivers, participating in our weekly church prayer group, checking out the sports page, keeping tabs on Bruins’ football, celebrating with Holy Family’s community of faith at our Sunday liturgy, looking forward to the joys of another Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We are thankful for life. We are thankful for our loving God, the gift of faith and the power of prayer. We are thankful for the helping hands and loving hearts that continue to give us strength, courage and patience to face the challenges of each new day.

We are so thankful for each day we share.

— Joyce Vlaic, Seal Beach

Pardoning turkeys

I shudder at our insane thanksgiving ritual of letting the president “pardon” a couple of turkeys each year. It’s not that, as an ardent vegan, I am opposed to sparing a couple of innocent creatures. Quite the contrary. But, I am bothered immensely by the implied ruthless slaughter of so many other gentle birds whose lives have not been so spared in this crazy national sport.

All this leads me to wonder if or when President Trump is eventually going to try the same tactics to spare members of his staff, including his own family — and possibly even himself. He has already pardoned effortlessly a hardened lawbreaking sheriff for serious crimes. How many other turkeys may soon be likewise reprieved thanks to his “divine benevolence”?

— Gordon Wilson, Laguna Niguel

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