5 Entrepreneurial Companies Who Care About Your Health

Forbes Lifestyle 18 months ago

The global wellness industry is now valued at $3.7 trillion. Shutterstock

All too often success is associated with hard work, grit and determination. It’s true that a lot of successful people worked pretty darn hard to get to where they are today. But it’s a myth that burnout is a prerequisite of getting to the top. Millennials are starting to demand more out of life than their predecessors, and they rightly should. After all, when you tip the scales of the work/life balance too much in the way of hard labor, the effects on your health can be detrimental.

Thanks to growing demand and greater awareness about the importance of well-being, the global wellness industry is now valued at $3.7 trillion. This covers many areas, from the spa industry and workplace wellness, to preventative and personalized medicine and public health. Clearly, this is a potentially lucrative market to be in, for companies that get it right. With the explosion of tech .coms and marketplace entrepreneurs, has come a host of health and wellness startups. Companies that capture the spirit of innovation and problem-solving, but that actually care about your health as well. Here are a few that are ticking these boxes right now.

1. Exubrancy

The global workplace wellness industry is one of the fastest growing, currently valued at over $43.3 billion. It’s not only workers who are clamoring for health and wellness services. Employers are realizing the benefits of keeping a happy and healthy staff as well, such as greater productivity, increased engagement and less downtime. Savvy businesses like Exubrancy are tapping into the rising workplace wellness trend. This Manhattan-based startup is dedicated to bringing wellness back to workplace, offering services like meditation, group fitness classes and massages in the office. You can increase employee salaries but that won’t guarantee higher engagement. Help them work on their stress management and health and their productivity will soar. Exubrancy has already caught the eye of early investors, including Catalyst Investors Managing Partner, Brian Rich and NEA’s Dayna Grayson.

2. VBI Vaccines

VBI Vaccines is medical startup with plans to save the world, developing next generation vaccines to wipe out infectious diseases and solve unmet needs in immuno-oncology. VBI’s first marketed product, Sci-B-Vac™, is a hepatitis B (“HBV”) vaccine that prevents this life-threatening disease from spreading. So far, it has been approved for use in its home country Israel, as well as 14 other countries. Making use of eVLP Platform technology, VBI can develop virus-like particle (“VLP”) vaccines that work to mimic the virus and elicit a strong immunity response. In December of last year, the company received $23.6 million in financing from medical innovation backers, Perceptive Advisors.

3. Unity Biotechnology

Anti Aging is big business around the world and this Silicon Valley drugmaker focuses on producing treatments to help people stay healthy as they age. Achieving a massive $116 million from investors, including the likes of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Unity has made its mark on a massive industry (valued at $999 billion.) But can they really stop us from aging? No. Not yet, anyway. The goal at Unity is not to provide the eternal fountain of youth, but rather to design therapeutics that “prevent, halt, or reverse diseases of aging.” Who wouldn’t want to grow old gracefully and painlessly?

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