GOP worries about Sen. Cochran’s health

The Hill Lifestyle 9 months ago

Republican lawmakers are reportedly growing concerned for Sen. Thad Cochran's (R) health following a recent medical procedure, with some speculating that the Mississippi senator won't return in time to oversee an Appropriations Committee markup next week.

GOP lawmakers and sources close to Cochran told Politico that they're unsure he will be able to return when the Senate comes back from its recess next week. Some also told the news outlet they're unsure if he will be back by the end of the year.

Cochran's office, however, has insisted that he will return to the Senate next week.

"I will return to the Senate on October 16 in order to continue work on the appropriations process and participate in upcoming debates on the budget and tax reform," Cochran said in a statement released by his office in late September.
Cochran, 79, said at the time that his doctor told him he was "improving but recommended I remain at home in Mississippi another week. I will follow that advice." 
Cochran is the chair of the Appropriations Committee, which will play an important role in working to prolong government funding after a six-month extension signed by President Trump last month.

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