This $20 handheld milk frother is one of the most foolproof kitchen tools I've used to make coffee

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There's no better way to start your day than with a nice cup of coffee. While a plain old drip coffee will usually do, there's something about sipping on a latte or cappuccino that feels just a little more special. But specialty coffee drinks don't come cheap — the average American spends over $1,000 a year on coffee, according to an Amerisleep study

I'm all about getting my caffeine kick every morning, but with New York City coffee shops charging $5 or more for a latte I've realized I'm better off becoming my own barista. The Aerolatte handheld milk frother is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that'll make quality coffee beverages from the comfort of your own kitchen, and help you save some money too. 

The Aerolatte handheld milk frother may be a small device, but it has the power to seriously up the ante on your morning brew. It comes as one piece, but if you'd like you can also purchase a stand to keep the gadget on display and easily accessible. Truthfully, this is one of the most foolproof kitchen tools I've ever used. On one end of the device you'll find a thick handle and on the other end you'll find the frothing head, a circular coil-like thing. I can't tell you the mechanics of it all , but I can confirm that it works well. 

To use, simply place the frothing head into a large cup of milk and press the power button on the handle. As the frother vibrates you'll see the milk thicken up into a silky, creamy foam. All you need is about 15-20 seconds and then your foam is all ready to go. Brew your favorite beans and pour this right on top for beverage that's coffee-shop quality. To clean, rinse the frothing head immediately after using it. Every once in a while, you should fill a cup with warm, soapy water and froth for a deeper clean. 

If you're not a big coffee drinker, you can still get a lot of use out of this little gadget. Of course it works just as well for teas — think matcha and chai lattes — but it can also be used in even more creative ways, like to make a single serving of decadent, homemade whipped cream. And, you can use any kind of milk, even dairy-free options. 

Whipping up some foam and pouring it over drip coffee or espresso makes those regular coffees feel a little more indulgent. While I usually chug my cups of black coffee, adding some foam makes it feel like a treat that's worth slowing down and sipping on.

You might think that making fancy coffee drinks is expensive or labor-intensive — after all an espresso machine can run you well over $100 — but this is a frugal solution that'll give you that same delicious flavor for a fraction of the price. Being able to have complete control over what you put into your drink is pretty nice, so is never having to pay an extra dollar for almond milk instead of regular. Plus, you'll impress your guests when you whip up drinks they thought they could only get for $8 at their local cafe. 

At only $20, I can't sing the praises of this product enough. Even just using it for a week will get you your money's worth, but it'll last for much longer than that. It runs on AA batteries, so just switch those out when the time comes to keep it running as good as new. 

There are plenty of great milk frothers out there, but if you're looking for a no-frills option that'll give you great foam for a great price, the Aerolatte handheld milk frother is an easy choice. Maybe you'll never really give up your morning runs to the local coffee shop, or maybe this will convert you — either way, this is a great addition to any coffee lover's kitchen. 

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