I’m A Celeb’s James Haskell could ‘choke someone out’ on TV if he gets hungry, warns pal Mike Tindall

The Sun Lifestyle 3 weeks ago

JAMES Haskell is proving popular in the camp so far with his witty banter and take charge attitude.

But all this could change when hunger really starts to hit, according to his pal Mike Tindall.

James‘ close rugby mate Mike says his fellow campmates should try not to annoy him when he’s hungry.

At the moment the beefy star is living off one packet of rice and beans a day when he used to a daily diet of four thousand calories.

Speaking on the House of Rugby podcast Mike revealed things could turn ugly once hunger sets in, he said:  “I see it happening two ways.

“I mean he’s not going to get fed very much, so he’s going to get hungry.

“He could be all laughs and jokes or someone could really annoy him and he chokes someone out on live TV.”

It comes as James revealed to The Sun that he will be handle missing his daily sex sessions with his wife Chloe Madeley.

The former England international’s wife, who is daughter of legendary TV presenting duo Richard and Judy, has boasted the pair have sex every night.

Asked how he’ll cope without any nookie, James – who tied the knot with fitness guru Chloe last December – said: “I think I’ll be able to stay calm.

James Haskell insists he’ll be fine going without daily sex sessions with his wife as he’ll be ‘too hungry’[/caption]

The pair tied the knot last December[/caption]

“When you’re on 700 calories and everything smells of smoke, I’ll be fine. I’ll just throw myself in the creek.”

The sportsman has so far been the life and soul of the camp with his big personality and humour, which has seen him being labelled the Bantersaurus Rex of rugby.

But he insists he won’t just be adding laughs and giggles – he can do deep and meaningful as well.

James added: “I don’t walk around taking the p**s every five minutes.

“If I met someone for the first time I’m not going to start attacking them for their dress sense and things like that.

“I’m just not like that. I would actually have a normal conversation, ‘how are you, what do you do?’. There’s a lot more to it than trying to get a cheap laugh every five minutes.”

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