What to buy the cannabis lover in your life

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As cannabis continues to be approved for both medical and recreational use in states across the country, and as CBD products become more and more ubiquitous, there are more gift-giving options for the cannabis connoisseur than ever before. Get inspired by this list – with no tacky weed leaf motifs in sight.

Whatever their botanical or herb of choice, your loved one will treasure this beautifully crafted storage that maintains the absolute perfect level of freshness. With carefully-beveled sealing edges, moisture level and humidity ratio controls, think of this as a miniature, mahogany lined, carefully-maintained wine cellar; just for, you know, other stuff.

Nothing beats Arizer’s ArGo, a premium hot air vaporizer for dry herbs. Incredibly easy to use – perfect for beginners and casual users – and so efficient it will satisfy even the most cultivated connoisseurs. Activate natural terpene profiles and maximize potency with the Original Refillable Glass Pod Vaporizer Systems, only from Arizer.

Help your loved one keep track of all the different strains they’ve tried with this classy, pocket-sized tasting journal. Don’t let the size fool you; it’s got spots to track things like flavor, potency, and other attributes, plus a full index section. There are fun (and informational!) infographic pages, plus a “purveyors” section for keeping track of the best dispensaries.

Give the gift of ultimate relaxation with a CBD bath bomb (or a bouquet of bath bombs). The “nourishing” Alice + Olivia collaboration is infused with essential oils and 200mg of CBD to activate what is called the “entourage effect.” Try other varieties, like Earl Grey and matcha, or grab the mini collection and test them all. Just remember; vaporizers and bath water don’t mix!

Snack subscription

If there’s ever been a universal truth, it’s that cannabis lovers know their way around a snack. Make sure the cannabis lover in your life is never without something sweet or salty with a monthly snack box subscription. Consider Candy Club, which delivers a monthly motherlode of classic candies and new inventions. Or, if you’re buying for someone a bit more health-conscious, go for Nature Box, which offers customizable boxes with a wellness bent.

Arizer believes using a vaporizer should be simple. With Arizer’s Original Refillable Glass Pod Vaporizer systems, PVC Travel Tubes and ArGo Pre-Load & Go Case you can conveniently pre-load doses for quick and easy use on-the-go.

Sustainable styles

Cannabinoids aren’t all this plant is good for. Grown from the Sativa variety, hemp has tall stalks that produce sturdy (and super soft, comfortable) fibers. Spoil somebody who’s got an eye for style with Toad & Co’s Epic Shirt Jacket, crafted from hemp and organic cotton. If you’d rather not guess at clothing sizes, here’s another tip: No one ever gets tired of fresh, clean sheets, and they’ll really love these uber-comfy bedding separates from Jungmaven.

Classy candles

Sure, in the past a candle was what you gifted the person you don’t know well enough to really shop for. But those days are gone, thanks to super fun, great-smelling options your cannabis-loving friends and family will truly appreciate. If they’re trying to get a distinct, herbaceous smell out of their house, do them a solid and gift them the Cannabis Killer or the frankly-named, hand-poured Hide That Pot Smell soy candle from Bella & Coop. On the other hand, you could encourage them to embrace that distinct scent: enter the Four Twenty homesick candle.

Botanical prints

If they’re into art and herbs, you can’t go wrong with a botanical print from VisualNature. Pick up a personalized set that can include anything from lavender and sage to chamomile and marijuana plants.

A great read

Historian Emily Dufton’s debut book, Grass Roots: The Rise and Fall of Marijuana in America, is a deep dive into America’s long and complicated relationship with marijuana. Partner that read with Joe Dolce’s Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis, a look into the potential social, legal, and cultural future, and you’ll really give them something to think about.

RYOT bag

This storage and transport bag has it all. It’s weather-proof and made with proprietary SmellSafe™ technology. Add lockable zippers and an anti-microbial interior, and you’ve got a stash bag they won’t leave home without.

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