How to print a shipping label on eBay, to send out items you've sold by mail or another shipment service

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  • You can print a shipping label on eBay to send out products that you've sold. 
  • It's easy to print a shipping label to mail your item through USPS, as you will just have to put it in your mailbox or drop it at the post office. 
  • You can also print FedEx and UPS labels from home, though you will have needed to specify one of these as the preferred shipper while creating your eBay listing.
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It couldn't be much easier to be an eBay buyer. 

You spot the product you want, place a bid or Buy It Now, and then (assuming you won the auction) pay with just a few clicks. Within days, your new prized possession should arrive. 

On the selling end, eBay makes things pretty easy, too. In fact, you may not even have to leave your home, as you can print a label and use it to send an item through your mailbox.

For our purposes, we'll be using the United States Postal Service as the shipper of choice, but if you specified UPS or FedEx as the shipment service, there are different requirements. You must have a PayPal account to pay for and print USPS shipping labels, whereas UPS and FedEx labels go to your monthly eBay invoice. 

Here's how to print eBay shipping labels for USPS so you can mail out sold items from your home or local post office. 

How to print a shipping label on eBay

1. Log into your eBay account and then hover over the "My eBay" link at the top of the screen, then select "Selling" from the menu that drops down.

2. Hover over the word "Orders" and then click "Awaiting Shipment."

3. Click "Print Shipping Label" beside the order you wish to process.

4. Confirm that the dimensions of the package in question are correct and then choose your preferred shipping method.

5. Click the box confirming you have read the restrictions that apply, and then click "Purchase and print label" at the bottom of the screen.

The shipping fee will be billed to your paired PayPal account, and you will get a label ready to be printed and affixed to your package. 

Now you can simply put it in your mailbox, hand it to your friendly letter carrier, or drop it off at the Post Office, and you'll be all set. 

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