Let's See If You Really Are Psychic With These Six Random Questions

BuzzFeed Lifestyle 1 week ago
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The Sun › 1 month ago
A DAD who fathered six kids with his daughter tricked her into drinking urine and gave her sex tips by pretending to be psychic, a court heard. The ‘psychic’ sent her emails telling her drinking urine was how witches drew power over their lovers...
New York Post › 2 weeks ago
A 25-year-old New Jersey woman vanished from her home nearly a week ago — and authorities are desperately searching for clues in what her family is calling an uncharacteristic disappearance. Stephanie Parze and some relatives went to see a psychic...
The Sun › 1 month ago
A PSYCHIC cat has consoled bereaved families at 100 funerals – even leading coffins down the aisle. Paddy the “funeral cat” seems to show up when he is most needed, with mourners astounded at the feline’s “sixth sense”. When his owners...
CBS News › 3 weeks ago
What was on TV in 1973? Mike Wallace, checking in with scientific researchers who study psychics and the mystery of psychic phenomena.
New York Daily News › Incident › 2 weeks ago
A search was underway in New Jersey Tuesday morning for a woman who vanished just hours after paying a visit to a psychic with her sisters and friends.
The Guardian › Finance › 1 month ago
Precognition is the claimed paranormal ability to predict the future – and is widely considered to be pseudoscience. Why, then, is the US psychic industry worth $2bn a year? Deep in the night of 29 January 2012, Fatih Ozcan had an unusual dream. Then...
USA Today › Entertainment › 1 month ago
Eccentric actress Helena Bonham Carter prepared for her role as Princess Margret in “The Crown" by consulting a psychic.
Newsweek › Incident › 1 month ago
The suspect, who went by the name "Eva Maria," had convinced several people who lived near her that she had psychic powers.
New York Post › 1 month ago
Police said the rampage in Chinatown Saturday morning that left four homeless men dead and one critically injured appeared to be “random attacks.” “Motive appears to be, right now, just random attacks. It doesn’t seem anybody was targeted by...
Business Insider › Technology › 2 weeks ago
Coin flips may seem random, but the outcome is governed by predetermined forces like gravity and the strength of your finger flick. So physics formulas could be used to calculate how a coin will land. To be truly random, the outcome of a coin flip...
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