How to pair AirPods to your Apple Watch manually, if they didn't automatically pair through your iPhone

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If you recently got a set of AirPods and you're confused because there are no instructions for how to pair them to an Apple Watch, there's a simple explanation — AirPods pair automatically with your Apple Watch when you set them up with your iPhone

If you purchase an Apple Watch after you initially pair the AirPods with your phone, it's still automatic. 

As a general rule, the pairing process occurs on its own and you shouldn't need to do anything about it. 

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How to check to see if your AirPods are paired with your Apple Watch

1. On your Apple Watch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display the Control Center. 

2. Tap the AirPlay icon.

3. On the next screen, you'll see "Choose where to play audio:" If AirPods are one of your choices, the AirPods are properly paired with the watch. 

How to manually select the AirPods to play audio

In the same way that your AirPods automatically pair with the watch, they should automatically be selected to play audio from the watch when you're wearing them. You can also manually select them. To do that, follow the steps above to check if your AirPods are paired and simply tap "AirPods." 

How to manually pair your AirPods with the Apple Watch

You will probably never need to do this, but if the AirPods don't pair with your Apple Watch automatically, you can pair the devices manually. 

1. Put the AirPods in the charging case and close the case.

2. Open the lid of the charging case, but leave the AirPods inside. 

3. Press and hold the button on the back of the charging case for about six seconds, until you see the status light start to flash. 

4. On the Apple Watch, start the Settings app. You can do this by pressing the Digital Crown on the side of the watch and then tapping the gear-shaped icon. 

5. Tap "Bluetooth."

6. When "AirPods" appear in the list, tap it. After a moment, it will move to the Devices section and display "Connected."


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