Fashion Unzipped podcast: Alexa Chung joins us for a London Fashion Week debrief 

The Telegraph Lifestyle 27 days ago

How did you spend your weekend? On Saturday morning, we lay on a bean bag the size of a football pitch; on Saturday night, we walked through a ring of protesters chanting ‘shame’, and on Sunday we watched Rose McGowan challenge the totalitarian state on stage. It’s London Fashion Week!  

Lisa Armstrong, Bethan Holt and Victoria Moss join host Charlie Gowans-Eglinton for this special episode, sharing highlights from the week. 

Plus, Alexa Chung joins the podcast to talk about her debut catwalk show at London Fashion Week.

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Alexa Chung's homecoming

Alexa Chung 

Alexa Chung joins us to talk about imposter syndrome at work, the logistics of planning her first catwalk show, and the mathematics of her personal style.

Plus, our fashion editors give their verdicts on Chung's debut catwalk show at London Fashion Week.

Read Bethan Holt's interview here and Charlie Gowans-Eglinton's show review here.

A decade of Beckham 

Victoria Beckham

For the tenth anniversary of her brand, Victoria Beckham relocated her catwalk show from New York to London. Lisa Armstrong, who attended Beckham's very first show in New York, looks at how she earned fashion credibility and turned her brand into a fashion power to be reckoned with.

Read Lisa Armstrong's show review here.

Burberry's big rebrand

For ex-Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci's hotly anticipated debut collection at Burberry, he welcomed editors to a venue shrouded in black fabric in Vauxhall. But when the lights came up, there were more than a few surprises in store for fans of the British heritage brand.

Read Lisa Armstrong's interview here.

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