11 common mistakes that are ruining your salad greens

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  • Salad greens, like lettuce and kale, can easily go bad if you don't properly care for them. 
  • You should avoid buying any bunches or packages that contain leaves that are turning yellow or beginning to wilt, as they won't taste as fresh. 
  • It's important to wash and completely dry your greens as soon as you get them home.
  • Wrapping your greens in a damp paper towel inside of an unsealed plastic freezer bag will keep them fresher and crisper for longer. 
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It's pretty frustrating when your salad greens go bad quicker than you can consume them.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can store and care for these vegetables that can keep them fresher and better-tasting for longer. 

Here are some mistakes you're making that could be ruining your salad greens, according to experts. 

You don't check the expiration date when purchasing pre-packaged greens.

You buy packages and bunches that already have yellow or wilted leaves.

You're not washing your greens as soon as you get home.

You're not washing your greens thoroughly enough.

You're not letting the greens dry before you put them away.

You're not wrapping them properly.

You store your greens in the original package they came in.

You're storing them at the wrong temperature or in the coldest part of your fridge.

You're manhandling your greens.

You're overpacking your greens.

Pre-cutting your greens can be useful, but it may cause them to dry out quickly.

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