Edward Snowden doesn't think the government is hiding aliens

CNET Lifestyle 2 weeks ago

Before revealing how the National Security Agency was spying on American citizens, Edward Snowden apparently searched for evidence of aliens in the government systems he had access to. He says didn't find any, which might have been good to know before the Storm Area 51 event in September. 

The former NSA contractor and whistleblower appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast early Wednesday morning. In his more than two hour interview with the comedian, Snowden touched on multiple subjects including one that's a favorite of Rogan's. 

"I know, Joe, I know you want there to be aliens," Snowden told Rogan via a video feed. "If we are hiding them, I had ridiculous access to the networks of the NSA, CIA, military, all these groups. I couldn't find anything. If it's hidden, and it could be hidden, it's hidden really damn well especially for people on the inside."

In September, Snowden released his memoir "Permanent Record." On the book's release, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against him and his publisher for not submitting the book to government agencies for a pre-publication review.  

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